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Passion Lines series

Series presents various outlines of bodies in different forms and poses. Colourful and various colour palette in the background presents what is behind individual physical body. Some colour combinations are maybe unusual, but so are our personalities. Everyone has different “colours” inside of us, some are more vibrant, some are more calm. We also have different combinations of those. But there is no wrong or right, everyone’s palette is unique. Backround is partly covered in white lines, just like us with our parts of us that are just for us.

Ocean shapes series

Series resonates beautiful summer scenes bringing viewer sense of piece and tranquility.

Twist series

Every piece within this series has different lines, meaning different path just like us in real life. Everyone’s life path is different. Everyone faces some twists, bumps and unpredictable things.

Sunder series

Series presents split between the two.

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