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i paint what i feel in the moment


Ana Podržaj

My name is Ana and I am based in Slovenia, where I was born. While growing up I always had an urge to express my creativity. I was always drawing, creating physical and digital art since I can remember. Art was always a big part of my life and personality and it will remain like this till the end.

Currently I am in the process of finishing my master thesis in Economics after graduating in the same field. I work as an analysist in financial consulting. This work is the total opposite of the typical artist characteristic. I love details, numbers, facts and honestly this job fulfils the organized side of me which is craving for intellectual growth, loving details, facts and numbers. The other side is craving the need of expressing with no specific end goal. And here is where the painting part enters. It gives me such a freedom and endless possibilities to express myself, to just create as I wish. For me it represents the definition of passion. Therefore my art is expression of me and my emotions.

How it all started

My painting journey started in the summer of 2019 when I was at the lowest point of my life. I felt the urge to express myself, my feelings and my creative needs. Whole process from brainstorming the idea, planning execution to actually making the painting and transforming thoughts to physical form on canvas was and still is so fulfilling to me. It gives me such inner peace and brings me so much joy. For me this is some kind of therapy and meditation where I block whole outer space around me. It’s just me, my thoughts, music, paint and canvas. During the time my whole art journey is progressively expanding, giving me so many new opportunities which I am so willing to furtherly take and pursuit.

My rule

I think I cannot define my style due to always trying new ideas and my rule being: no rules. The thrill for me is also in challenging myself with trying new things such as new techniques, different textured mediums, challenging realistic motives, colour pallets that are out of my comfort zone, bigger canvas, etc. With every new project I like to take a new step to the area that is still unknown for me and therefor my space of known is getting widder and bigger leaving my skills enriched and my art-self more confident.

No rules
Story about my artistic name

Rocksy artist

At the beginning of my art journey I wanted to stay anonymous and I wanted to make it more mysterious by hiding behind an artistic name. My initial idea was to paint houses on the rocks and then combining them on the surface to create a city. Since my plan was to paint on rocks, I thought rocksy was the perfect base for my artistic name. As you can tell, I don’t paint on the rocks since this did not suit me as much as painting directly on the canvas, but the name remained. I love my artistic name, Rocksy will forever be part of Ana.

Thank you for visiting my site, I am genuinely welcoming you and thanking you for being part of my story.

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A painting is not a picture of an experience, but is the experience.

Mark Rothko